Belvidere Supa IGA owner presents proposal for new shopping centre

Belmont chief executive Stuart Cole.
Belmont chief executive Stuart Cole.

IT has taken 15 years to put together a parcel of land big enough for a new $10 million shopping centre near the existing ageing centre on Belvidere Street.

According to Belvidere Supa IGA owner Wally Daly, the existing shop is in a building that was an old picture theatre 30 years ago and the maintenance on it was becoming a challenge.

‘I’m looking to build a new one over there and close this own down and look at redevelopment,’ Mr Daly said.

But the project could be four years away due to the rezoning and approvals processes, he said.

The new centre would span 7800sq m, and have a supermarket with six or eight small auxiliary stores.

Belmont chief executive officer Stuart Cole said submissions to the Scheme amendment close on December 12.

It proposes a rezone of the Belvidere Main Street Precinct to a Special Development Precinct zone to facilitate the revitalisation of the centre.

Properties on Belvidere Street, Leake Street, Gardiner Street, Somers Street and Keymer Street are affected.

Shirley and Terrance O’Neill live in a home on Leake Street that would be rezoned commercial under the Scheme amendment.

They are keen to find out how a nearby laneway, that already attracts antisocial behaviour, would be monitored to keep residents safe.

Manu Gupta lives next door and wants to know what would go next to his family’s home if that block became commercial.

Mr Cole said the City was aware of the concerns of residents from two properties and would take their concerns into consideration.