Concerns over plan to build cultural centre on South Perth foreshore

Concerns over plan to build cultural centre on South Perth foreshore

MORE concerns have been raised about the City of South Perth’s proposal to build a cultural centre on the South Perth foreshore.

Issues surrounding the Westralian Centre concept were raised by members of the public at the April 26 council meeting, after similar queries were put forward at the March meeting.

Among the questions asked were how the council planned to consult the public about the concept and how it would go about getting $7 million in funding from the Federal and State governments as well as private sources.

It was revealed at the meeting that council would use a 500-person survey and its Your Say South Perth engagement portal to consult with the public.

Among those to raise concerns was City of South Perth Residents Association chairwoman Cecilia Brooke, who also raised her concerns with the Southern Gazette.

“It seems the City is spending ratepayers’ money on this project but why are they in a rush to get this to happen,” she said.

“If the centre runs at a loss and if it’s not viable, where does that leave ratepayers?

“It will be a benefit to the City to bring in tourists but what are the benefits to residents in the City of South Perth?”

Mayor Sue Doherty said the City had engaged independent consultants Thinkfield to develop an online survey to be sent to a representative sample of the West Australian population, as well as an additional sample to City of South Perth residents.

“This would allow an in-depth understanding of people’s reactions to, and level of, support for the proposed Westralian Centre concept,” she said. “The City of South Perth is committed to giving the community and stakeholders opportunities to participate, engage and contribute to decisions on issues affecting them.

Ms Doherty said the City would make best endeavours to secure financial support from the State and Federal governments as well as private funding.

The Westralian Centre is proposed to occupy 2200sq m on the South Perth foreshore about 300m west of the Coode Street jetty and would include an outdoor area, recreation and interpretation space, and buildings for social and civic events.