Council cornered over paid parking

Most were business people and residents whose daily lives or livelihoods have been negatively affected by new $2 hourly parking fees introduced in ‘hot spots’, in and around Albany Highway, seven days a week, 8am to midnight.

But after admitting the Town ‘could have done it (community consultation) better’, Mayor Trevor Vaughan received support from a majority of councillors to make some fundamental changes that he agreed would not please everyone.

He did say the council, which has committed to funding the plan with a $5 million loan, would continue to gather and receive feedback until a six-month review revealed what other improvements could be made.

Victoria Park TAB owner Robert van Straalen was ‘bitterly disappointed’ that his plea for the scrapping of Saturday afternoon and all-day Sunday paid parking fell on deaf ears, with the King George Street businessman saying he was sure the Town’s CEO would not want to forgo 40 per cent of his earnings as he had done.

‘We look to you (councillors) for leadership’