Council vetoes changes to plan

Five of the Town’s nine councillors, including Mayor Trevor Vaughan, voted against the change which, if approved, would have allowed developer Mirvac to add 170sqm of office space to the residential estate, and increase residential density in a 23-storey tower on Lot 10.

Mirvac wanted to increase the number of one-bedroom units in the proposed 176-unit tower from zero to 55 and two-bedroom units from 54 to 104.

Burswood Lakes resident Neil Kidd, who spoke previously at the council’s elected members briefing session, again delivered an impassioned plea for the Town not to enact what would be a major change to the development.

He said the council had only sent eight letters to the estate’s 600 property owners, meaning hardly any had learnt of the opportunity to comment on the proposal, which he believed would change the estate’s social profile and increase traffic and parking congestion to unmanageable levels.

‘Traffic studies show that car movements will increase from 8000 to 18,000 over the next 15 years on Victoria Park Drive alone,’ he said.

Cr Keith Hayes was a vocal objector to the proposal on several grounds, including process and principle.

He said that people had bought into Burswood Lakes expecting one thing and while he accepted that ‘nothing is certain in life’, they had a right to protect that.