Councils count cost of reform

Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan said most of the promotion had been through social media and public relations activities.

These campaign costs paled in comparison to councils that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These big spenders attracted criticism from Local Government Minister Tony Simpson last week.

In a media statement on Thursday, Mr Simpson urged some councils to stop wasting money on misleading and expensive campaigns and get on with the job of providing community services.

Public submissions to the Local Government Advisory Board closed that day and South Perth and Victoria Park were commended for being among 16 councils that agreed to form Local Implementation Committees.

‘It’s one thing to show pride in your community, it’s another to spread misinformation about potential rate rises, loss of assets and loss of services,’ Mr Simpson said in the statement.

‘With the close of public submissions, I hope all councils will now buckle down and get to work.’

In a recent advertisement promoting its Back Belmont campaign and the public submission period, the City of Belmont claimed the community stood to lose up to $26 million and that rates would go up if services were maintained at the current Belmont level, in the event of a boundary change.