Countdown to new cat laws

City of South Perth community ranger Paul Fromont with Johnny. Picture: David Baylis d409590
City of South Perth community ranger Paul Fromont with Johnny. Picture: David Baylis d409590

Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan said the Town had supported the City of South Perth in its Cat Act grant funding application for improvements to a shared pound, formerly used by dogs, with work due to start soon and completion expected before the end of June next year.

‘The Town was successful in gaining $5000 funding to subsidise cat sterilisation for low-income earners,’ he said.

‘There has been considerable work in setting up our internal processes and procedures with more work expected, but there has not been a significant amount of work generated by actual cat-related issues.

‘There has not been an influx of people registering their cats. To date, we have received seven registrations and do expect there may be a rush in the next few weeks but nothing significant or unmanageable.’

The City of South Perth has allocated an additional $250,000 towards developing the shared facility to help with the fallout from the updated Cat Act, making it illegal for cats over six months not to be sterilised, micro-chipped and registered with the local council.

Under the new laws, cats will also need to wear a collar and registration tag to ensure they can be easily identified and returned home if they become lost.

Microchips, which can be implanted quickly by a vet, will have a unique number linked to the owner’s information and stored on a national database.

Once registered with the council, which can be done for one year ($20), three years ($42.50) or life ($100), a registration tag will be issued, which must be worn by the cat on a collar.

When a cat is sold or given away, the seller must ensure the cat is micro-chipped and sterilised prior to transfer.

The State Government has provided funding to provide low-cost sterilisation for cats owned by pensioners and people on low incomes.

Pensioners will also receive a discount on registration fees.

– An Application to Register a Cat form is available at