East Vic Park man James Holbeach partaking in Mystery Box rally to help Cancer Council’s fight against disease

James Holbeach 1975 mgb called
James Holbeach 1975 mgb called"Harrison”. The East Victoria Park resident is asking people to dig deep for the fight against cancer.

HE lost his mother to cancer, has watched his brother and father fight off the disease and has even been diagnosed himself.

But cancer will not break East Victoria Park’s James Holbeach.

The avid car and photography lover is now on a mission to raise money for Cancer Council to help find a cure for the disease.

Mr Holbeach signed up to take part in the Mystery Box rally, where participants drive unknown cars along a mystery route.

Teams fly to a departure location in Adelaide but have no idea where they are heading or where the track will take them.

Mr Holbeach, who had surgery in February to treat his bowel cancer, said he was ready for an adventure.

“The best we can do is help raise money for future research,” Mr Holbeach said.

“The Cancer Council does valuable work and we would like to help.”

Mr Holbeach will be driving the Mystery Box rally in September with friend James Guy.

The duo has so far raised more than $11,400 but hope to reach $20,000.