Ewe will not believe this

This little ewe was found munching on the grass in Memorial Gardens on September 3 and the Town of Victoria Park is appealing for its owner to come forward.

However, if nobody does claim it, lambkins will not go the way of unwanted dogs as a local woman has already said she is keen to keep it.

A council spokeswoman said as the lamb was classed as livestock, it would be housed for at least 10 days before putting it up for adoption.

‘The rangers don’t find many lambs but when they do they have always been fortunate to find a person with property who wants to have it as a pet,’ she said.

‘There is no way to identify the owner as lambs aren’t generally microchipped, they aren’t registered or have a collar with ID on it.’

How lamb chop got to the park is a mystery, with a busy highway, errant dogs and spring menus to contend with.