EXCLUSIVE: Naming rights to Perth Stadium sold

EXCLUSIVE: Naming rights to Perth Stadium sold

THE naming rights to Perth Stadium have been sold, with cereal giant Kellogg’s the winning bidder.

From next year the venue will be known as the ‘Kellogg’s Perth Cereal Bowl’.

Kellogg’s WA managing director Tony Datiger said his company was delighted with the result.

“It’s great,” Mr Datiger said. “We’re really happy to be associated with what promises to be a fantastic stadium.

“Being WA’s new home of football, the stadium really lends itself to some wonderful cross-promotional possibilities.

“Imaging the ‘snap, crackle and pop’ of a big derby, or welcoming ‘crunchy nut’ Luke Hodge when Hawthorn visits.

“We’re really excited. It’s all bran-ding when you think about it.”

A State Government spokesman said it was thrilled to partner with such an iconic brand.

“(Premier Mark McGowan’s) been a massive fan of Frosties since his navy days,” the spokesman said.

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“They used to get the variety packs – you know, the little miniature containers. Him and Paul Papalia used to fight over the Coco Pops.

“It’s still a bit like that in cabinet meetings – they leave all the Fruit Loops for Fran Logan. He goes nuts.

“But in all seriousness, this is a truly huge announcement for WA sport, and we couldn’t be more thrilled Kellogg’s have come to the party.”

Community News understands the other major player for the naming rights was Spud Shed, who reportedly wanted the stadium called the ‘Perth Spud Shed’.

It is understood the Government was not keen on that option, with one unnamed minister declaring “the name would only be apt when Fremantle played at the venue”.

In the end the point was moot – with Kellogg’s winning bid pouring cold milk on Spud Shed’s plan.