Fears over merger

‘… our community would be torn apart and our future plans jeopardised,’ he said. ‘The peninsula is part of our community and our future.’

Cr Vaughan said the ideal outcome as far as council and ratepayers were concerned was ‘no change’.

‘In the instance of reform, we prefer to amalgamate with the City of South Perth and retain, most importantly, the Burswood Peninsula,’ he said.

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said the City would support such a merger.

‘Council has resolved that it supports amalgamation subject to effective reform of local government within the metropolitan area and the Burswood Peninsula being retained within the merged local government area,’ she said.

The Town and City have been collaborating for several months via a joint taskforce to plan for their possible amalgamation.

‘Outcomes of the taskforce are predicated on the retention of the peninsula in the Town of Victoria Park or an amalgamated Town and City of South Perth,’ Cr Vaughan said.

He said the taskforce had has written to all ministers and other MPs highlighting the importance of the retention of the peninsula to the future viability of the Town or the amalgated community.

It was not yet known whether either mayor would have to step down or where the council offices would be.