Former cop calls for help

Former cop calls for help

Mr Gleeson moved to Rivervale 18 months ago and said he wants to set up a committee for the area to establish partnerships with the State and Federal governments to advocate for services to improve the area’s reputation.

Since moving to Rivervale, Mr Gleeson said crime and anti-social behaviour had been a major issue, but he was particularly concerned with the perception of crime among the community, with many elderly resi- dents fearful of walking the streets and going to the Kooyong Road shops.

‘I want to make this a place where people feel safe to walk down the street,’ he said.

While working as a police officer, Mr Gleeson was responsible for setting up neighbourhood watch in rural Victoria and said increased community participation, as well as forming partnership with local, State and Federal governments would assist in improving the area’s reputation.

‘If you know your neighbour, you know if something is suspicious or not,’ he said.

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