Green Army enlists to boost river health

The inaugural Swan Green Army is a hands-on action program that supports local environment conservation projects.

Swan MHR Steve Irons said the Green Army was first and foremost an environmental program.

�It aims to support practical, grassroots environment and heritage conservation projects across urban, regional and remote Australia,� he said.

�Here at Tomato Lake and at Garvey Park, we will see firsthand the benefits this project will provide to our local community.�

Mr Irons said this particular project will see the East Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) working with the service provider and young people to strengthen the ecological values of the Tomato Lake and Garvey Park floodplains.

It will include debris removal, planting, brush-log making and installation along three kilometres of the Swan River foreshore.

�The brush logs will stabilise the riverbank, protecting the foreshore from erosive forces, while the foreshore will be planted with local native species that will create habitat, shelter and food source for native aquatic and terrestrial species,� Mr Irons said.