Group petitions council citing unacceptable standards at aquatic centre

According to the petitions, each of which contained about 50 signatures and carried the name Sommerset Action Group, there is ongoing ‘unacceptable work behaviour’ by lifeguards at the centre, including insufficient patrols.

The petitions also allege unacceptably frequent breakdowns of the centre’s spa and steam rooms due to insufficient maintenance, among other problems that have been occurring for several years.

Victoria Park Chief Executive Arthur Kyron said the Town had investigated the group’s claims after receiving a copy of the petitions in March.

‘The Royal Lifesaving Society WA undertakes regular audits of all public aquatics facilities in the State and the last assessment of the Aqualife Centre achieved an overall safety score of 93.3 per cent, while the industry average was 89.3 per cent,’ he said.

‘We have experienced some issues in the past with the breakdown of the steam and spa room however immediate action was taken at the time to rectify the breakdown.’