Have a cup or tree

Have a cup or tree

Lead by the Vic Park Collective with the support of the Town of Victoria Park and The Victoria Park Transition Network, the Bring One, Get One Tree project is inspired by a similar program created by Earth Carers for 30 western suburbs cafes during their Plastic Free July.

That resulted in bush care groups planting 1540 trees.

The Town will supply 2500 trees and native shrubs for the project, which rewards those who enter Vic Park cafes with a reusable cup for their coffee order with a token that equates to a tree planting by the Town.

Vic Park Collective vice president Flavia Pardini said the trees would be planted in reserves around the Town and in Kensington Bushland, home to endangered black cockatoos.

She said Australians use 2.7 million takeaway coffee cups annually that ended up in landfill, or as litter.

Visit www.vicparkcollective.com or email vicparkcollective@gmail.com.