High-rise scheme passed

The main purpose of the amendment is to rezone the old Telstra site in Manning and increase building height limits to 14, 21 and 36 metres across the site.

Planning Minister John Day ordered the council to initiate the amendment.

McDougall Ward councillor Peter Howat voted against the minister’s request at Tuesday’s council meeting.

He said there was concern that such a high zoning could lead to another Brownlie Towers-type building, which has been an ‘epitome of social problems’ in Bentley.

‘Residents are very unhappy that the old Telstra site on Manning Road and Ley Street has been left in a very dilapidated and overgrown state for many years.

‘This despite the private owners having been given planning permission to develop the site for residential accommodation a few years ago,’ he said.

‘The community was heartened when the owners showed renewed interest in developing the site in late 2012.

‘Sadly, the developers seem hell bent on squeezing a large number of small apartments onto the site within a number of very large complexes rising to 36 metres.’

Councillor Howat also said local residents should be aware that they will have limited time to lodge support for or objections against the planned rezoning once public notices are issued by the City.