Home brewer wins gold at beer show

Richard Nevin with his award-winning brew.
Richard Nevin with his award-winning brew.

The Kensington resident�s advice is well worth taking, especially after he won a gold award in the amateur brewer section at the Perth Beer Show in June.

�The beer I chose is called Doppelbock, which is a strong, dark German lager, which is exceptionally malty with little bitterness,� Mr Nevin said.

�I dabbled a bit with my mates in my early 20s but it was only last year that some of my mates were doing it and I started to get back into it, but this time more seriously.�

�I wanted to do something more than just kits, so I started researching a lot and building my own brewing equipment.

�The range of brewing material you can get from the home brew shops these days is amazing.�

Mr Nevin has been honing his craft for the past 14 months and said he entered the Perth Beer Show for a bit of feedback and criticism.

�I didn�t realise how in- depth the feedback was until judging began � it is a serious business,� he said.

�I wanted some criticism, constructive or otherwise, from someone else, not just my mates.�

While his wife might not agree, Mr Nevin says the effort, cost and mess of home brewing is well worth the end result. �The best thing about home brewing is you get to drink the kind of beer you would love to try, but don�t want to pay for,� he said.