Jobs fair: 1400 job seekers show up for 96 available jobs at Perth’s DFO

1400 job seekers showed up to Perth DFO's jobs fair.
1400 job seekers showed up to Perth DFO's jobs fair.

PERTH’S long-awaited DFO at the airport held a jobs fair today- doors opened at 4pm and by 5:30pm 1400 job seekers had joined the queue.

The DFO listed 96 available positions on its website.

Angelica Papatanas (18) of Ballajura was in line at 3pm. She had no idea applicants would only get one three-minute interview and then have to rejoin the back of the line.

Rafeah Salbi (37) of South Perth owned and operated a cafe, ran an online boutique and has been actively job seeking for two years.

Ms Salbi is disheartened by the impersonal nature of the employment process.

“They want hardworking people but they aren’t willing to see people work hard for a job,” she said.

Ms Salbi was in line with her daughter Nonie Abdullah (18). Ms Abdullah is frustrated at the requirements for some jobs.

“You need qualifications for unskilled jobs,” Ms Abdullah said.

Amee McKnight (20) of High Wycombe finished school two years ago and has been looking for work since.

She has four Tafe certificates but said companies want experience over a clear willingness to learn, which she says she has demonstrated.

“Accept people who are willing to learn,” Ms McKnight said.

The recurring theme among jobs fair attendees was that companies need to conduct more face to face interviews.

Negin Aziz (18) Landsdale said he is frustrated by the job hunt.

“It’s been a year of submitting online resumes,” Ms Aziz said.

“You don’t get that face to face opportunity.”

“Face to face you can sell yourself.”

Uma Pillai being interviewed by a Sunglasses Hut representative.