Juvenile ban lifted from Liquorland

The original sign at Mandurah Liquorland that informed customers of the licensing restrictions.
The original sign at Mandurah Liquorland that informed customers of the licensing restrictions.

The Director had imposed the ban on juveniles at Belmont on June 23, and at Mandurah earlier in the year.

An appeal initiated by the licensee, Coles, that was set for hearing in the Liquor Commission mid-August, has since been dropped.

‘Liquorland takes the responsibility of serving alcohol very seriously and we welcome this common-sense revision to the licensing conditions,’ a Coles spokeswoman told Southern Gazette last week.

A Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor spokesman said after receiving further submissions from the licensee in relation to its stores in Mandurah, Belmont and Bentley, Liquor Licensing Director Barry Sargeant determined it was in the public interest to cancel the ‘no juvenile’ condition imposed on the Mandurah and Belmont liquor stores.

The juvenile ban was replaced with new licence conditions that must be applied by both liquor stores. Electronic swing gates with electronic surveillance alarms and Perspex walls on either side had to be installed from August 11.

CCTV surveillance systems must record people going in and out of the stores during trading hours, and an incident register must be kept.

The width of supermarket entrances to liquor stores will drop to 2m, and liquor will not be displayed within a metre of the supermarket entrance.

A crowd controller or security guard must be employed at the Belmont store on a day other than a Sunday between noon and 7pm, and from 2pm to 8pm at the Mandurah Liquorland.

Prior to the lifting of the ‘no juvenile’ condition at Mandurah and Belmont, a request by WA Police for licence condition changes at Bentley’s First Choice Liquor had been lodged but a decision was pending.

WA Police had also requested separate licence condition changes relating to security at the Belmont and Mandurah Liquorland stores.

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