Kensington student to learn city planning in Singapore

Lara Bailey
Lara Bailey

KENSINGTON resident Lara Bailey’s visits to big cities have steered her to focus on the inner workings of dense populations.

The Como Secondary College graduate lived in Hefei, China for five months as a child and travelled to India when she was 15.

“That really did become what started my interest in that area,” she said.

“I’m doing Geographical Sciences and Human Geography and Planning as a double major in University of Western Australia.”

Later this year her studies will take her abroad and she will spend time at the National University of Singapore to learn more about sustainable city planning.

Ms Bailey is one of the 38 recipients of the Westpac Asian Exchange scholarship, receiving $12,000 to study in a university in China, Singapore or Hong Kong.

“Because of my degree, I wanted to pick a place that is quite big in that area and Singapore is a hub of urban design,” she said.

“With our growing population, our planet isn’t working too well with that anymore.

“In Perth, we spread without any restriction… we take it for granted because we have the space.”

She will attend a week-long residential leadership program in Shanghai before starting her exchange in Singapore.