Kent St Senior High students put on capes for super variety show

Kent Street Senior High School Variety Show. Picture: Matt Jelonek
Kent Street Senior High School Variety Show. Picture: Matt Jelonek

KENT Street Senior High School students put on their capes for a superhero-themed variety show.

About 80 students from the drama, music, media, art and photography fields took part in the variety show, which took place on August 31 and September 1.

Kent Street Senior High School English and drama teacher Rose Benson said the show allowed students to show their talents and achievements.

“The teachers of these subjects spend a lot of time in and out of class following the theme, which helps create collegiality and a sense of purpose, and can be used as a teaching and assessment tool where appropriate,” she said.

“This year’s theme is superheroes with a few villains and visiting personalities thrown in too.

“Primary schools are invited and this year East Victoria Park Primary brought their students to the Thursday matinee.

“In the evening it is mostly students, friends and family with staff and their families.”

Mrs Benson said the performances were well received.

“We had so many excellent acts, and everyone wanted to have a go, so the audience stayed, cheered, clapped and exclaimed at each performance, all creatively introduced by our MC Shayna Liston,” she said.

“The rock bands were brilliant, the singers held the audience captive and the unusual comedy skits raised a lot of laughter; altogether a great success.”