Lathlain decorator takes the cake at Perth Royal Show

Felicity Edwards.
Felicity Edwards.

A TRIP to Japan provided the inspiration for Felicity Edward’s award-winning decorated cake.

The Lathlain resident gained the most points in the decorated cake section and won the amateur section for celebration cakes at the Perth Royal Show for the cake, which included a geisha and flowers.

“I was inspired by the cherry blossoms and the geishas, I’ve always loved flowers and leaves,” she said.

“The lead up to the show includes months of cooking, I don’t think everyone appreciates the work that goes into it.”

Mrs Edwards said it was the second time she had entered the Perth Royal Show after finishing second in the student section for decorated cakes.

“I felt like I had nothing to lose, I had no expectations about winning last year or this year but I love cooking and baking and it was a bit of a challenge,” she said.

“I’ve been a student at Cake Tinz and Thingz for three years and I’ve been learning about the techniques you need to create decorated cakes.

“There were 41 people in the amateur section so to win was an amazing feeling, I just couldn’t believe it.

“I consider myself as obsessive baker; I’m always poring over cook books in the quest for the perfect cake.”

Mrs Edwards had a successful Perth Royal Show claiming awards and receiving highly commended certificates in the following sections.

Cake using honey: First

Pumpkin fruitcake: Third

Carrot and nut cake: Third

Chocolate cake: Highly Commended

After dinner confectionery: Second

Dark fruitcake: Third

Exhibitor gaining most points in the decorate cakes section: First

Classic coloured macarons: Highly Commended

Christmas fruit mince pies: Second

Biscuits: Highly Commended

Lunchbox biscuits: Highly Commended

Celebration cake: First