Lathlain to see the light

The sculpture, by Sydney artist Damien Butler, will be revealed as Lathlain lights up with a street party.

The public artwork for Lathlain Place was commissioned by nominated members of the Arts Working Group and the Lathlain Place Revitalisation Group working with the Town of Victoria Park with funding coming from the Town�s Community Art Reserve. But Butler�s work is more than just a sculpture.

When viewed in the day, it presents as a series of suspended works above the redesigned median strip.

Each red sphere will cast a gentle distorted reflection across the flow of the foot traffic below.

These reflections will change during the course of the day, and with the change of seasons.

At night, the work will be subtly lit from six poles embedded into the design and this passive, shrouded lighting will add ambience to the new hub.

�Butler�s interactive yet ethereal artwork plays with the idea of movement, utilising the idea of a ball�s trajectory through space,� Town of Victoria Park creative arts officer Helen Mathie said.

�Although not a direct reference to the footballing history of Lathlain Place, the artwork�s playful metaphor combining the passing of time with the delicate flight of a red ball, won the panel�s vote.�