Libs reject Perth ‘land grab’

‘What else do they (the City of Perth) want? Subiaco Oval? Rotto? Cottesloe Beach?’ said Mr O’Brien, speaking to the Gazette last week.

Fellow South Metropolitan MLCs Nick Goiran and Phil Edman have backed Mr O’Brien, who said South Perth MLA John McGrath was also on the public record against the State Government sanctioned plan.

‘It is quite unacceptable for part of the Burswood peninsula to be excised and given to the City of Perth,’ Mr O’Brien said.

‘This would result in a loss of revenue from south of the river residents of some $2.8m per annum, in perpetuity. I will not support a proposal that contains this measure.’

Mr Goiran said he had not yet been provided with a cogent and persuasive rationale for the Burswood Peninsula proposal.

‘My position on all reforms is that the onus is on those seeking change to persuade the rest of us why the change is appropriate,’ he said.

‘Until that occurs, I cannot support the proposal. The members of executive government are aware of my views in this regard.’

Mr Edman said he did not support the City of Perth’s position that the Swan River be considered a key feature of a capital city council, rather than a natural boundary, or that iconic features such as the stadium and zoo could also be included.

Premier Colin Barnett has denied this unrest was partly behind his last- minute delay of his party’s vote on local government reform legislation.

Last Wednesday he said the issue would not be dealt with by the party until after October 4, the deadline for metropolitan councils to submit their amalgamation proposals to a State Government appointed advisory board.

The City of Perth’s local government reform submission to Local Government Minister Tony Simpson in April appealed for geographical elements like the Swan River to be considered key planning features rather than natural boundaries.