Lifesavers to vote on name change

President Grant Trew said the Town of Cambridge prompted the considered name change because of its sizable $5.05 million donation to the club’s new $6.9 million building.

‘It hasn’t been so much pushed in response to the Town’s resolution, that’s obviously triggered it, but we’ve also been discussing the potential benefits to have better connection with the local community and for people that join the club to be members of City Beach rather than City of Perth,’ Mr Trew said.

‘There’s a lot of people that are for the change but there are also lots of people who are committed to keeping it as it is.’

Club members will vote on the proposal to change its name to the City Beach Surf Life Saving Club at a special general meeting on Sunday, October 20.

Mr Trew said there were about 400 eligible voting members and a 75 per cent majority would be required to approve the change.

‘I’m not too sure which way it’s going to go at this stage,’ he said. ‘I’d love to see a couple of hundred members turn up and make this very big decision for the club.’