Manning Resident awarded Medal of the Order of Australia

Manning resident John Collins.
Manning resident John Collins.

THE reward one gains from thinking of and serving others is an incredible and powerful thing, according to Manning resident John Collins.

Mr Collins has lived in the City of South Perth for more than 50 years and over that time has been involved in a variety of community projects and groups.

He has been a former Mayor of South Perth, past vice-president of Manning Senior Citizens Centre, past member of Perth Zoo’s Zoological Parks Authority Board, recent chairperson of St Pius X Catholic Parish Council and in 2006 he helped establish the Manning Men’s Shed.

Consequently, for his service to the community of Manning and to local government Mr Collins last month was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

Mr Collins said he was honoured to have received the OAM but recognised he could not take all the credit for himself.

“When I look through the service organisations that I have been involved with over the past 40-50 years, I see all the people that came and went and how I would not have been able to complete that community service unless I was a part of their teams,” he said.

“It has been a very rewarding time and whilst my name is on the medal it really is for all those people, in all that time, in all those organisations.”

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