New City of South Perth CEO pledges to listen, learn

New CEO Geoff Glass.
New CEO Geoff Glass.

AFTER being welcomed to the role of CEO of the City of South Perth last month, Geoff Glass said he was looking forward to his new position and that his first commitment was to listen, learn and observe.

“I am very keen to meet with as many interested individuals and relevant stakeholders to absorb their knowledge and my opinions will be guided by these discussions,” Mr Glass said.

Coming from the WA Football Commission, as the Director of Facilities and Planning since 2006, Mr Glass said his former role could assist his work with the City.

“While the content may be different, the principles of strong leadership and good team work are universal,” he said.

“It is my task to ensure the organisation has a clear purpose and vision and the staff are engaged in this vision.”

Holding graduate qualifications in town planning, business administration and local government, Mr Glass’ list of experience boasts positions at the City of Subiaco as Director of Development Services, CEO with the Shire of Christmas Island and economic planner in South Australia.

“Greater Perth will continue to evolve as a 21st century metropolis, and as an inner- city location the City of South Perth will continue to experience pressures for new development,” Mr Glass said.

Mr Glass took over from Cliff Frewing who was CEO at the City for 10 years.