New dimension springs into life

context captured by new sculpture
context captured by new sculpture

The 8m-tall sculpture, called Springs, is positioned next to the Springs redevelopment area near the Great Eastern Highway and Graham Farmer Freeway intersection. It is made from cement and aluminium, took 18 months to craft and lights up at night.

Grant said she wanted to design a clever solution to make people want to slow down without putting up signage and draw on the energy of the river, which is not visible from the road.

‘I do what I do because I want to contribute in some way to how people in my community in WA or anywhere I do work actually respond and read their context in which they’re living,’ Grant said.

Rivervale’s multi-cultural society is also acknowledged in the sculpture, with the words ‘spring’ imprinted in 16 different languages including Noongar and Arabic.

‘I feel as though it’s been welcomed into the community; in the last few days of installation people walking by would stop to talk about the work; I’ve had some lovely conversations with people from the area about it,’ Grant said.