Joint City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park animal care facility operational

Animal Care Facility.
Animal Care Facility.

THE joint City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park animal care facility can now accommodate both cats and dogs.

The project, which was funded by South Perth and Victoria Park councils as well as the Department of Communities, has been closed since March for the makeover and will be officially opened later this year.

But it is already operational and any of the council’s impounded animals will be brought over.

South Perth has been responsible for management of the upgrade and will continue to oversee the facility once reopened.

The Gazette took a walk through of the facility with the co-ordinators of ranger services from both councils before any impounded animals made their entrance.

Here is some of what it had to offer.

Quarantine areas
Both dogs and cats have their own quarantine areas for any that arrive with diseases or infestations, such as ringworm or fleas.
The cat quarantine area also has a dark room where they can be inspected.
Entry and exits of the quarantine areas have disinfectant entrance mats.
Own space
The cat and dog accommodation areas are totally separate with a sound proof roof and double brick walls to minimise noise.
Room to move and exercise areas
An outdoor exercise area for dogs that are at the facility for the long term.
Each cat cage is connected to the next one, which can be opened up so the cats can have more room to move.
Each cat cage is made up of two parts, one that is out of view for privacy and kitty litter.