No state funding leaves $23m gap

The football club’s infrastructure, projects and technology manager, Digby Moullin, said the club and the Town remained fully committed to realising the Lathlain Park redevelopment project in readiness for the 2017 AFL season.

Mr Moullin said the project had always had private funding of $27 million, comprising a contribution of $22 million from the West Coast Eagles and $5 million from the AFL.

‘This represents by far the largest amount ever committed to a joint community/sports facility by an AFL club in Australia,’ he said.

In last week’s State Budget fallout, Victoria Park MLA Ben Wyatt said he hoped that ‘as a very wealthy corporation, the Eagles still remained committed to their move to Lathlain Park in the timeframe that they have publicly stated’.

‘It seems the West Coast Eagles were unsuccessful in securing public funding for their proposed development of Lathlain Park,’ Mr Wyatt said.

Mr Moullin said the club and the Town continue to work in close consultation with the State Government and the Department of Sport and Recreation to realise the Lathlain Park redevelopment.