Former Bachelor contestant gives up alcohol for charity in Ocsober

Ashlee Crabbe has signed up for Ocsober.
Ashlee Crabbe has signed up for Ocsober.

SHE didn’t win Tim Robards’ heart on season one of The Bachelor but Victoria Park resident Ashlee Crabbe will win at healthy living this October when she takes part in Ocsober.

Other than raising awareness about the affects of alcohol, Ms Crabbe said participants could also enjoy other potential benefits from a month off alcohol, including feeling healthier and fitter, weight loss and the chance to enjoy Sunday mornings again.

“I believe more and more Australians are moving away from the belief that drinking is just part of our culture, and it is becoming socially acceptable to turn down that extra glass of wine,” she said.

“A year or two ago, around the time I was on The Bachelor, I would have thought giving up alcohol for a month was impossible.

“Going to events and being social was all but impossible without a bit of liquid courage.

“Now I have other things I think are more important and I don’t look at a month without wine and cocktails as such a big deal.”

All money raised during Ocsober goes to Life Education, an organisation teaching Australian children how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

n Visit Life Education at to sign up for Ocsober.