Park clearing upsets residents

An area of Redcliffe Park where bushland has been cleared. d416827
An area of Redcliffe Park where bushland has been cleared. d416827

The park starts at Board Avenue in Redcliffe and ends near Tonkin Highway.

A notice was issued by Gateway WA on March 4 to say a drainage basin would be built and connected to the existing drainage in Redcliffe Park.

Vegetation was scheduled for removal two weeks ago.

Landscaping and revegetation works are scheduled to begin in winter, with mulch being spread, then the seeding and planting of trees by the end of winter.

Ultimately, 8460sqm of vegetation will be disturbed and 5750sqm will be revegetated using a seed mix of low-lying bushes as well as larger trees.

‘Vegetation suitable for wet areas will be planted around the basin,’ a Main Roads spokesman said.

‘An area of 1095sqm will be mulched and another 2190sqm paved.’

Elizabeth Cribb, who lives opposite the park, feared the removal of bushland for ‘convenience’ would affect the people who live in the area, their property values and those who use the park every day.

‘The trees serve a purpose, they provide homes for wildlife, absorb noise pollution from the Tonkin Highway, and with the vast increase in population I can only imagine that traffic will continue to increase on the Tonkin Highway due to non-existent public transport.’

The Gateway WA community notice told residents to expect screening benefits from the new trees within 12 months.

‘While it is regrettable that vegetation must be removed, these works are necessary to allow for the future construction of the widening of Tonkin Highway, the Tonkin/Boud Avenue interchange and the Principal Shared Path,’ the notice read.

The City of Belmont has not had a say on the clearing of bush at the park, but it has been involved as a member of the Gateway WA Environmental Reference Group and is reviewing the |landscape/environmental restoration plans for Redcliffe Park. Residents can call the project on 1800 420 421.