Perth’s Narrows Bridge: now and then

THE South Perth peninsula and Narrows Bridge has undergone impressive change over the past 50 years.

One business owner, Bill Gleeson, took the photographs – 50 years apart – to prove it.

“I used to be a bit of a happy snapper, so armed with my camera I climbed to the 16th storey of the unfinished Mt Eliza building, got onto the roof and took the photo of the Narrows Bridge and South Perth peninsula,” Mr Gleeson said.

He took the second photograph last month.

With the current redevelopment of the South Perth peninsula underway, Mr Gleeson, owner of Bill Gleeson Gents Hairdresser, said the change in another 50 years would be even greater.

“You can see how the density of the high rise buildings has changed, and the growth of the landscapes,” he said.

“I hope someone else can take another photo another 50 years in the future.”

The photographs show the expansion of the Kwinana Freeway and the development of apartment buildings in South Perth.

Mr Gleeson said he had been excited to take another photograph of the Narrows Bridge.

“The amazing thing for me is that I was relatively young when I took the first photo, and 50 years later I was able to take another,” he said.

“When I was driving home I was a bit overwhelmed and had a bit of déjà vu.”