Photographer still in Hunt for prizes

Bruce Hunt
Bruce Hunt

The Ascot resident is a finalist in the Older People Speak Out awards for best photo spread.

He won Older People Speak Out awards in 2000 and in 2013.

His entry was made up of four photographs taken for Community Newspaper Group, which depict older people in a positive light.

The veteran photographer�s Community Newspaper Group career spanned more than two decades after working in newspapers in England and Ireland.

�I have always enjoyed my work; it�s not like work for me, as it�s something I really enjoy doing,� he said.

�Working for Community Newspaper Group is quite rewarding. You get to meet so many interesting people.� Hunt left Community Newspaper Group earlier this year and has since spent two months sailing around Ireland and is now working on fixing up two vintage cars.

�To be honest, I wonder how I ever found time to work,� he said.

While he is enjoying the laid-back lifestyle, Hunt said he was not sure what the future held.

�You never know, I might be Lazarus and make a comeback.�