Pilot scheme to help carers into more suitable homes in Rivervale

Andrea Mitchell addresses the media.
Andrea Mitchell addresses the media.

A PILOT scheme to help families with related children in their care to access larger, more suitable homes is being trialled in Rivervale and surrounding areas.

The Homes for Carers initiative offers incentives to property owners and matches private landlords to eligible tenants with the aim of giving family carers access to better housing options in their area.

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support, the Housing Authority and Foundation Housing have joined forces to fund the three-year project.

Child Protection Minister Andrea Mitchell said the scheme would improve outcomes for children who were in care with family they were either directly related to or with which they had a community or cultural connection.

“There are many family carers who want to provide a loving home on either an interim or long-term basis for additional children but don’t have the room in their house,” Ms Mitchell said.

Housing Minister Brendon Grylls believed the project would be a win-win for all involved.

“Family carers will have access to better housing options in their area, there will be less pressure on public housing stock and private landlords will benefit from three-year leases with no vacancy periods and reduced property maintenance costs,” Mr Grylls said.

The scheme is initially sourcing properties in Rivervale and surrounding areas and is seeking private landlords willing to rent their property for 80 per cent of the market rent to Foundation Housing.

In return, landlords will get a guaranteed tenant for three years, no management fees, reduced property maintenance costs and a proven tenant with a good Housing Authority track record.

Further details, visit www.foundationhousing.org.au