Plenty of school holiday fun for families at Perth Zoo

Tree kangaroo Haroli and mother Doba. Photo: Alex Asbury.
Tree kangaroo Haroli and mother Doba. Photo: Alex Asbury.

AUTUMN visitors to Perth Zoo will be blown away by some wonderfully cute new additions.

The Zoo’s newest tree kangaroo joey Haroli is keeping warm in his mum Doba’s pouch.

The Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo is just the second joey to be born at the Zoo since 1980, coming six months after his half-brother, Mian, and just as cute.

Native to Papua New Guinea, Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroos are so endangered that zoos around the world have been working together to boost breeding.

Haroli is the 16th male tree kangaroo to be born as part of the global program.

Elsewhere in the Zoo is a beautiful little Southern Cassowary chick that hatched earlier this year.

The youngster still has a lot of growing to do before it develops the black plumage and vivid red and blue head cassowaries are known for.

In the wild, cassowaries are under threat from habitat destruction.

Perth Zoo partners with Rainforest Rescue and the Zoo and Aquarium Association to protect Southern Cassowaries in the wild tropical rainforests of northern Queensland.

And as Easter approaches, head to the Zoo’s Nocturnal House to see Australia’s version of the Easter Bunny, the Bilby.

This unique mammal has large rabbit-like ears.

But unlike bunnies they have a long, pointed muzzle with black and white tipped tails that reach between 20 and 29cm long.

Powerful claws make Bilbies expert diggers, allowing them to build burrows and find food beneath the soil.

During the school holidays, weekends and ANZAC Day, visitors can also enjoy some tea party fun with special appearances from a host of colourful characters.

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