Police struggle to return stolen bikes

On May 9, Belmont Local Police searched a house after they received a tip that a stolen bike was at the property, and while that particular bike was not located, eight other bikes were found.

Constable Hannah Browne said the three people who were in the house were relatives and were known to police as prolific priority offenders.

Along with the eight stolen bikes, bankcards and passports were also found.

Police are investigating further.

Const Browne said Belmont police pick up about 20 bikes a month and said if owners didn�t claim them in 30 days they went to auction.

Belmont police have only been able to return one bike found at the house.

�We get some really expensive bikes,� she said. �But they aren�t registered and we can�t track down owners.�

As a result of the search, one person was charged with a number of offences, including unlawful possession, attempted fraud and stealing. They are due to appear in court in early June.