Probe into killing continues

George Frederick Dean was stabbed to death at a block of flats on Hubert Street at about 8.30pm on Tuesday, April 30.

Mr Dean’s death was a catalyst in the community, in particular for the Town of Victoria Park, which has applied for funding for extensive lighting upgrades in several crime hot spots, including Hubert Street.

The Town has not heard if the application has been approved.

Town chief executive Arthur Kyron said the Town had taken ‘steps out of the ordinary’ to improve the security of the Franklins’ Tavern car park, which is behind the building where Mr Dean was killed, and the surrounding areas.

‘The Town has funded the upgrade of the three closest street lights to the Franklins Tavern carpark on Hubert Street from its own budget,’ Mr Kyron said.

Tavern owner Chris Dodd, who spoke to the Southern Gazette after the murder about the widespread violent crime in the area, said since the incident she had not had any problems.

‘A lot of the problem tenants have left, (the Department of Housing have) evicted quite a few of them and the replacements haven’t caused us any grief,’she said.