Protection for park

The residents believe the survey outcomes could be used as evidence in support of large impact commercial activity or development on sections of the foreshore.

The City’s acting director Infrastructure Services Mark Taylor made a statement in August explaining that any prospective businesses and/or buildings need to fit into the recreational zoning and use, as do the existing businesses of the park, including the cafes and hire facilities.

‘Any new leases would be along the same terms as the existing leases and there will be no sale of land, or 99-year leases,’ he said.

He added that the South Perth Foreshore 2013 and Beyond project will provide guidance as to whether or not there is a public desire for the foreshore to accommodate any further commercial activities.

‘It is these opportunities that are listed on the survey,’ he said.

‘Some, but not all of these opportunities are commercial, and include ideas ranging along the lines of ‘a pedestrian friendly piazza and promenade’ at Mends Street, ‘public art’, a ‘designated dog beach’ and ‘commercial activity ” food and beverage’ at Ellam Street, for example.’

Residents have opened the petition to all West Australians and users of the park.

They are seeking 5000 signatures and aim to demonstrate to the City that greater protection needs to be applied to the foreshore by the council, to discourage any large-scale commercialisation or high impact development of the parkland.