Public may have a say on joy flight take-off

At their first meeting for 2014, councillors from the Town of Victoria Park will consider a recommendation by its Acting Renew Life Director, Warren Bow, that it seek public comment on establishing a helipad at the park, despite council telling Heliwest Group last March that it did not support erection of a temporary helipad.

Its March refusal was based on residents and visitors being subject to negative noise and disruption, that flights would only benefit Perth, statewide and international tourists and not Town residents, the helipad and flights would disturb existing and potential event bookings and the set-up would lessen amenity at the park.

But in November, Heliwest submitted a proposal to establish a permanent helipad in the Town, at either G O Edwards Park or the McCallum Park/Taylor Reserve.

Town staff has assessed the proposal and agree McCallum Park would be the best location for the operation but public consultation would look at the concept as a whole, not the Heliwest application.

If council decided public consultation was favourable, it would advertise for expressions of interest for the activity.

Cr John Bissett said if 900sq m of land was leased at a commercial rate for a helipad and joy flight operation, it should earn the council $84,000 annually.