Pulling plug on troublemakers

Police are actively monitoring complaints and attending premises overseen by the Department of Housing.

Formal reporting procedures were recently put in place to assist nearby residents experiencing disruptive behaviour and becoming victims of crime because of people from these addresses.

The Disruptive Behaviour Line was established to make it easier for people to raise concerns about disruptive tenants.

Kensington Senior Sergeant Ash Goy said it was time for a positive hard line action approach.

‘The need to live in harmonious environment in the suburbs is a must for family balance and persons who display anti-social behaviour outside this will be targeted and positive action taken,’ Sgt Goy said.

‘Now is the time for a positive hard line action approach and we will be doing just that.

‘The public are the eyes and ears on the street and greatly assist us in areas where we may not have enough information or knowledge.

‘Law abiding residents should not suffer in silence and I strongly recommend use of this reporting tool, in addition to calling police on 131 444 if police attention is required,’ he said.

– The number of the Disruptive Behaviour Line is 1300 597 076 and an online complaints form is also available online at website housing.wa.gov.au.