Push to cut public housing numbers

In 2007, Swan MHR Steve Irons and Belmont MLA Glenys Godfrey supported a campaign by Rivervale residents to stop the then WA Labor Government increasing the percentage of Department of Housing properties in Rivervale from 15 per cent.

‘As a result of the meeting, the State Liberals committed to reduce density to 11 per cent over time if elected to bring the suburb into line with the rest of the State and its neighbouring suburbs,’ Mr Irons said. ‘Progress has been made with the last figure I have from 2012 at 12.9 per cent.’

Ms Godfrey said state housing in Belmont needed to be brought in line with the rest of WA.

‘Most public housing tenants are good people but a small minority of tenants are making life hell for the community and so everyone in state housing gets labelled as bad,’ Ms Godfrey said.

‘I am not interested in moving stable tenants out of the area, but I do think there are some empty houses that should be considered for sale on the private market.’

‘By having a reasonable level of state housing in Belmont we can ensure local services are not overloaded.’