Residents pulled into battle for Burswood peninsula

At first, the City and Town of Victoria Park were united in the ‘Battle for Burswood’ but once the Minister for Local Government’s proposal came out saying the new entity would be formed by ‘abolishing’ South Perth, focus turned to a fair amalgamation.

The City had spent almost $30,000 communicating about the reform process and while there are no further campaigns planned, residents are still encouraged to contact the Premier and local politicians to argue against a boundary change and to support amalgamation.

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said retaining Burswood Peninsula and fair amalgamation were both major concerns.

‘Since his initial announcement in July last year, the Minister for Local Government had strongly encouraged the City and the Town to amalgamate,’ Mrs Doherty said.

‘In January he lodged his proposal with the Local Government Advisory Board to disestablish the City, which came without any warning or prior communication, and is not justified.’

Mrs Doherty said the boundary adjustment used a legal loophole to ‘disempower the community’ by denying them their democratic right.

‘A boundary adjustment is unnecessary and has the propensity to create dissent in the community.’

At its February meeting, the City resolved to reject the minister’s proposal to abolish it and in March, restated that amalgamation was conditional on Burswood Peninsula remaining with the new local government area and not gifted to the City of Perth.