Review of bottle shop law sought

A spokesman for the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor said no date had been set for the review yet.

Last week, Southern Gazette revealed a mother was refused entry to Belmont Forum’s Liquorland because she was with a juvenile ” her 18-month-old daughter ” with her.

New licensing conditions applied at Belmont ban anyone under 18 from entering the store even if accompanied by a parent.

WA Police Licensing Enforcement Superintendent Jim Migro said a Mandurah ban imposed earlier this year was due to a high incidence of stealing offences.

The licensing conditions for Liquorland Belmont states that juveniles cannot enter or remain on the premises.

Coles corporate affairs spokeswoman Anna Kelly said Liquorland would always operate in line with local regulations but would ‘prefer a consistent national approach’.

‘We understand that these new conditions are inconvenient for some of our Belmont customers, however we at all times seek to operate within the law,’ Ms Kelly said.

‘We will be working towards a common-sense solution with the relevant authorities.’