Rotary Club of Mill Point ensures linen is distributed to charities

Rotary Club of Mill Point ensures linen is distributed to charities

THOUSANDS of linen items have been given out to charities thanks to the work of Rotary Club of Mill Point members.

While travelling around the Pilbara, Chris Herrmann found out Rio Tinto had a batch of bed linen that had become surplus to needs and got in touch with fellow members in Perth and found a number of charities in need.

Mr Herrmann said he did not expect things to move so quickly but the next day he met with the company to view nine pallets of the surplus bed linen.

“I would have been just another voice up here bemoaning the possibility of more wastage if it wasn’t for the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Rotary Club of Mill Point members to make it all happen,” he said.

Mr Herrmann then advised fellow club member Gerry McGann as the new hastily appointed role of Bed Linen Project Coordinator that it would arrive the next day.

Frantic phone calls to anyone who might own a vacant warehouse finally beared fruit with Riccardo Letari of Toscana providing a warehouse for a few weeks while Centurion delivered the bed linen from the Pilbarra to Perth.

Club members set about doing an inventory then sorted and distributed to eight different charities for Perth, East Timor, Thailand and Laos – all up over 2000 bed sheets and other linen were given out.

This was just the start with another 47 pallets, which included more than 10,500 linen items being sent from the Fortescue Metals Group and stored at Rapallo in Midvale.

The project came to an end when the Rotary Club members gave out the linen to 10 charities on August 31.