Sale plan alongside Aquinas

Councillor Colin Cala made some amendments to the officer report which were endorsed, with public advertising to not begin before February 28 and it be advertised for 60 days, rather than the 42 in the report. He also requested a masterplan be submitted to the City showing subdivision proposals.

Salter Point Community Group had requested the report be deferred as ratepayers had insufficient time to know what was happening.

Aquinas College is not directly involved in the process ” the land is owned by the Christian Brothers.

Director Support and Administration Services at Christian Brothers Oceania Province Max Montisci said they were selling the land as they required funds to sustain their operations.

He said the Brothers don’t get government funding and have to fund their own work.

‘From time to time we have to sell these surpluses that we have. The money will go back to sustain our operations,’ Mr Montisci said.

He said there were no plans to sell off any more of the Aquinas land.