Saved from scammer

Fashion designer Jonte Pike. Picture: Emma Reeves d402655
Fashion designer Jonte Pike. Picture: Emma Reeves d402655

The woman spoke to the man outside her house and he claimed to be the contractor she had contacted earlier for a quote on a new driveway.

The man said he said could offer her a ‘good cash deal’ of $4500, claiming he could give her the deal because an earlier job had cancelled and there was a fresh truck of concrete readily available.

He also told her she would have to drive with him to where the truck was parked to pay $2500 in cash up front but she was alerted to the scam when the contractor she originally contacted called her to advise they would be at her house soon.

When she confronted the man, he drove off in a black four-door Ford sedan, with a spoiler. His number plate was covered by an Eagles logo plate.

The man is described as a New Zealand male with a slight accent, aged between 20 to 30 years, and about 180cm tall.

He was well presented, wearing orange fluoro clothing with the work emblem covered with some tape.

The resident is concerned about how he knew they wanted their driveway and garage door fixed.

Kensington Sen Sgt Ash Goy said it was disturbing that scammers were in the area and they usually preyed on the elderly or vulnerable.

‘We need them (scammers) identified and located before residents are duped.

‘If in doubt check the full credentials of any worker who is suspected of being illegitimate and if necessary ring that company. Also contact police on 131 444.’