School trees to go after limbs fall

Department of Education executive director John Fischer said some works were required in the next three months and some the arborist identified could be carried out over a longer period of time.

‘There are many factors that can affect when a tree might shed limbs and it is not an exact science,’ Mr Fischer said.

‘The Department is currently assessing the arborist’s report and developing a schedule of works. It is anticipated this will include the removal of a small number of trees, and minor works to others, including pruning and removal of deadwood.’

‘This will address the concerns of the school community. The safety of students and staff is always our main consideration when removing trees from a school.’

On March 4, Southern Gazette reported that two limbs fell from the same tree in just one week at the school.

On February 21, a limb fell near a playground and a second one crashed from the lemon-scented gum onto the school oval on February 17.

The lemon-scented gum is near the school staffroom. No injuries occurred but two vehicles had been damaged in the past by fallen limbs at the school, and trees were then trimmed or removed. The fate of the lemon-scented gum is undecided as the department continues to consider the report.