Seaplane flight trials approved

The trial would allow the airline to land a Cessna 208 Caravan between the South Perth jet ski freestyle area and Milyu Marine Park twice a day between 8am and 5.30pm, seven days a week.

Statutory planning acting manager Jennifer Stritzke said a number of conditions had to be placed on the approval to ensure that appropriate practices were in place to protect the river.

If any of the conditions are breached or if the operation causes significant harm or disturbance to wildlife, the approval may be cancelled or suspended.

‘The proximity of the seaplane landing area to Milyu Marine Park and Nature Reserve was one of the major considerations for the Trust, as this area has been set aside as a refuge for migratory wading birds protected under international agreements,’ she said.

‘Restricting the seaplane from flying close to the Como foreshore will also greatly reduce any noise impacts on nearby residences.’

Approval from the Trust was effective immediately.

However, the company is still required to submit further operational details and secure all approvals from relevant statutory authorities, such as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Department of Transport, before commencing flights.

The Trust will be inviting public comment on the seaplane operation throughout the trial period.