Shepperton Rd and Gresham St intersection to get safety improvements

TOWN of Victoria Park has secured $775,000 funding from Main Roads WA to implement road safety improvement treatments at the intersection of Shepperton Road and Gresham Street.

An application was made through the 2015-16 Black Spot Program as an assessment of accident data showed a high proportion of right turn versus through traffic accidents and rear end crashes at the intersection.

During the assessment period from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2013, there were 28 crashes at this intersection with six casualties.

Some of the accidents at this location were caused by poor visibility on Shepperton Road because of an existing crest near Miller Street.

Accident data showed this has led to traffic coming over the crest and hitting the back of vehicles waiting to turn into Gresham Street, or vehicles pulling out of Gresham Street into the path of traffic coming over the crest.

The Town has appointed Dowsing Concrete to undertake road upgrade works proposed for the intersection .

The main purpose of the project is to improve road safety and reduce the high level of accidents.

The main components include a central road median on Shepperton Road to restrict right turn movements from Gresham Street into Shepperton Road.

On the approach to Shepperton Road from both sections of Gresham Street, there will be a ‘left-in/left-out’ splitter island installed to prevent traffic turning the wrong way on Shepperton Road.

The ‘left-in/left-out’ lanes are designed to also accommodate larger service vehicles.

The proposed site works will commence this month and are expected to be completed towards the end of December.

It is expected that the work zone and the surrounding area will be congested and delays will be experienced.

An electronic copy of the construction plans can be found on the Town of Victoria Park’s website and a hard copy is available for viewing at the council’s administration building.