Some easing on parking fees

In general, $2 hourly parking fees will now only apply until 8pm instead of midnight and the 15-minute free parking periods along Albany Highway will double to 30 minutes.

At western and southern bays at the King George Street car park, parking will be free for the first 60 minutes, then $1.50 an hour 8am-8pm, with three-hour parking restrictions at remaining bays.

The same applies for the Hubert Street car park’s eastern and southern bays.

On side streets adjacent to Albany Highway there are four-hour restrictions 8am-8pm daily and 8am-6pm Monday to Friday for the ‘not fully congested area’, including Camberwell Street.

According to Town business life manager Nathan Cain, the estimated loss is equal to 2 per cent of the rating effort and the resultant changes to the 2013-14 budget would create a deficit of $166,000.

Reprogramming of ticket machines won’t be completed until at least late July and changes to signage won’t occur until at least mid June.